David & the Accademia Tour, Florence

David & the Accademia
Michelangelo's Colossal David is perhaps the most famous icon of the Italian Renaissance, if not the most famous statue in the world.
Did you know that there are three Davids in Florence? The real Davids is found in the Accademia Gallery. Hoards of visitors line
up outside the Gallery each day to get the chance to marvel at this impression masterwork. Avoid the crowds and enjoy faster, priority
entrance with us on our Accademia tour. Don,t settle for just copies. Come admire the origine stunning sculptural masterpiece and get 
the full scoop. Learn how Michelangelo earned himself the nickname 'il Divino(the divine one)after accomplishing this incredible feat
in the art of sculpture with our expert guide.

The 'Destination to Europe' Advantage
No visit to Florence would be complete without a true encounter with artistic genius it is famous for
Our Guided Tours of the Accademia are a customer favorite - Visit Florence and experience the Accademia Gallery, and your guide will
enlighten you with its historical works, and introduce you to the home of the statue of David. This art gallery has only been 
“discovered” in recent years, always sitting in the shadow of the more famous Uffizi, and is now especially known for its sculptures 
by Michelangelo, and also hosts a lot of important exhibitions. Italy With Us offers experienced and knowledgeable guides for group and
private tours of the Accademia Museum Florence.

There is so much art and history behind this captivating city. It can be overwhelming. Don't lose some of your precious holiday time 
trying to get it all figured out on your own. Let us uncover its most significant works and landmarks so you can enjoy all the 
artistic wonders in Florence, trouble-free.

With our experienced guide, you will learn about the life and work of the legendary Michelangelo. Besides David, unfinished
works by this Renaissance master are also on display in the Gallery including the four the so-called 'Slaves', the Saint Matthew
,and the Palestrina Pieta.

Tour Overview
The AccademiaGallery was founded in the late 18th century when the headquarters of the Academy of Fine Arts was moved to this
site. A Gallery adjacent to the Academy was set up to provide art students success to explore works of art for their studies.
Over time the collection was amplified with altarpieces coming from religious institutions. But the biggest addition arrived in 1873
when David was moved to the Gallery. Shortly after, the grand hall in which David stands was redesigned to accommodate him in this
grand setting. Several works of the Gallery were later moved to other museums but the Gallery, in turn, acquired other works by
Michelangelo, transforming the Accademia into a real Michelangelo museum.

Join us on this illuminative tour as our guide will uncover all the secrete behind making this astounding piece of sculpture.
Learn the story of how David went from being a cathedral adornment to a symbol of the city. Discover how Michelangelo was able 
to transform a faulty marble into a masterpiece. Both Accademia and the Uffizi in a day? Why not? Continue your discovery of Florence
and Italian art with us on our tour of the Uffizi, one of the biggest art collections in the world.


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