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Florence is jammed packed with monuments, museums, churches, and gorgeous buildings. The entire historic center of Florence was 
declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. If you are new in town it can be quite overwhelming. Start your visit to Florence
on the right foot; join us as our local guide steers your way through it all. Get the full scoop along the way as you stroll past
gorgeous marble facades of churches like Santa Croce and the Cathedral and enjoy stunning views of the Arno River and the Ponte Vecchio.
Visit the splendid Piazza Della Signoria, and then step inside a medieval church covered with stunning 14th-century frescoes. Discover
for yourself why Florence is the place of Stendhal syndrome!
The "Destination to Europe" Advantage
Forget about walking around town weighted down by bulky guide books will dull explanations. Our tour lets you experience the true essence
of Florence with a local, expert guide. See marvelous sights and hear curious tales and legends about the people and events that shaped
the city.
Our tour is designed to show visitors with limited time the very best of the city. We know how precious your holiday time is, especially
if it is limited. We take out all the hard work of figuring out where to go and what to see so you can spend more time doing rather
than planning.
After the tour, you will come away with an excellent overview and layout of the town so you can easily navigate your way as you explore
on your own. It is a great way for first-time visitors to get to know the city and feel like a local.
Our local guide will also be sure to give you lots of useful and practical tips. Learn where locals hang out for a happy hour and where
to get the best gelato in town. Know where to go to get the best view over town at sunset.

Florence offers incredible surprises around each corner; be sure not to miss out on any of them. Book your Walking tour with us and
let all the beauty of the city unfold before your eyes!
Tour Overview
Once home to Dante, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Machiavelli, the streets and squares of the city are teeming with history. It all 
began in ancient times when the Romans established a colony near the banks of the Arno. After the fall of the Roman Empire and
a period of political turmoil and warfare, Florence flourished in the later middle ages. By the mid-1200s Florence was minting its
currency; the golden florin became the dominant trade coin all over Europe. Thanks to this economic prosperity, wealthy Florentine,
bankers, merchants, and wool makers began to pour huge sums of money into public works, palaces, and churches, fueling the Renaissance.
The city enjoyed its prolific golden age with the rise of the Medici family. Then after a period of decline, the city witnessed a 
reawakening when it became the capital of Italy for a short time. Walk to amazing sites like Piazza's original sculpture, it could be
considered an outdoor museum. Learn the incredible history of the Ponte Vecchio, the city's oldest bridge, and how it survived the 
bombings of World War II. At Orsanmichele hear the story about how grain markets became a church. Cross Piazza Della Republica
and discover how the city was given huge make-over when it was the Capital of Italy. Then admire the incredible dome and the stunning
Cathedral in Piazza del Duomo.
Complete your tour of the town with a visit to one of its greatest Museums, the Uffizi Gallery. Let our expert guide lead your way
through this stunning art collection and learn how Florence became "the cradle of the Renaissance"

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